After the Torchlight Procession, Extinguishing of torches on the Dönhoffplatz, Berlin, 1858, Adolph von Menzel

Church Interior with Woman at Prayer, before a Rococo Iron Grille, 1852-1855, Adolph von Menzel

The Pilgrim of the World at the End of His Journey, 1847, Thomas Cole

Wraith Kneading a Snowball, Allegory of Winter, 2013, Denis Forkas

coblrC A M P B E L L S


Mad Max: Fury Road

fuck yes

larssssFour years with girls


American cradling dog while under siege at Khe Sanh, Vietnam, 1968 

ughpshTthhee Ppaarrttyy.


"Brooklyn", 2014.  Available August 6 from Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

originalgiantcontentORIGINAL GIANT CONTENT