These riots are just the beginning

Packaging design for Kotä Records.

death and roll


Emblem #2 for Deafheaven, 2013

I just got this brilliant idea: fuck it

Suzuki GSX250 "Metal Scorpion" by Studio Motor.

That tank cover tho.

Boredom won’t get me tonight

"The new noise theology is a resistant force of violence and seduction. Since the spectacle of the modern ways of production are killing the true creativity we would like to bring about a new beat that we can scream along to, disguised in the guise of popular culture. Within the sphere of capitalist alienation every aspect of our lives is controlled and manipulated and we need to use the powers invested in us to bring about the total destruction of the industry that supports us with uncreative and lame sounds. Scraped from the walls of Rude de Asas, the unknown poet could have designed the impeccable essay of linguistic anarchy and we need within the musical medium to redesign the thoughts and ways supplied to us by the perverted music industry. Turning the focus from the producer/consumer relationship into communication and dialectics, we need to challenge and to become more than nostalgia items. We need to obey our own laws and desires, those of revolution and those of change and unpredictability. We need to apply the new noise into our everyday lives to make it a truly inspiring force."

— Liner notes from “The New Noise Theology EP”

New Noise

Originally Released by Burning Heart Records (Sweden) 
Year: 1998 
Format: CD / 12”
Info: The 12” version has a different live photo on the cover. The vinyl was available on Black vinyl. 

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