Audio history lesson time, kids. A while back an anon asked me what I grew up listening to, and it gave me this idea. Considering I was born in ‘88, Yesterday’s Lunch is a compilation of songs from back in the day when I was a wee youngin’ one. This is all the stuff I would listen to on my hidden Sony discman during class cause Ms. Blanco was too fucking boring. Anyways, give it a spin and bring it back brah. Tracklist is below.

  1. Fugazi — Waiting Room
  2. Dead Kennedys — Terminal Preppie
  3. Black Flag — Wound Up
  4. The Buzzcocks — Orgasm Addict
  5. Descendents — Everything Sux
  6. Adolescents — Rip It Up
  7. The Stooges — Down on the Street
  8. The Stone Roses — Love Spreads
  9. Porno for Pyros — Tahitian Moon
  10. Beck — Devil’s Haircut
  11. Talking Heads — Once in a Lifetime
  12. The Jesus and Mary Chain — Head On (apply directly to the forehead)
  13. The Brian Jonestown Massacre — Anemone
  14. Bad Brains — Don’t Bother Me
  15. Rage Against the Machine — Testify
  16. Violent Femmes — Blister in the Sun
  17. Smashing Pumpkins — Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  18. Pixies — Gouge Away
  19. Nirvana — Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
  20. Refused — Coup D’etat
  21. Thrice — To Awake and Avenge the Dead