"People are living in things that have happened, the 60’s have happened, your parents have taken all the drugs they can take, you’ve had the 70’s, you had heavy metal — get with it, it’s over with, wake up, kids are living re-runs, the same shit over and over and their minds get closed tighter and tighter, it’s such a waste. The same political shit, the radio is dead. I think the whole thing is gonna fall down to this lower level, cause I know kids are getting into it, they don’t have anything else. What we have at these shows, and with these records — that is our battlefield, this is where we’ll be fighting about what we’re for. We don’t have access to all the things people in the 60’s had, we have to do it all ourselves, which means we have to get happening, we have to get with it."
Guy Picciotto, Fugazi
May 16, 2012
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