tofraz said: Favourite films?

Goodfellas, children of men, high fidelity, apocalypse now, a clockwork orange, blade runner, the godfather 1 & 2, rushmore, akira, ghost in the shell, watchmen, synedoche new york, the truman show, adaptation, network, full metal jacket, the departed, dazed and confused, memento, inception, the dark knight trilogy, mulholland drive, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the big lebowski, 2001 a space¬†odyssey, taxi driver, before the devil knows you’re dead, reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, from dusk till dawn, scarface, the social network, sin city, lord of war, l’homme du train, the shining, lost in translation, leon, the thin red line, raging bull, the bourne trilogy, requiem for a dream, usual suspects, waking life, to name a few.

November 9, 2012