We are kids, we think life is a scam, we come from a wasted land. We are kids, we play punk rock and roll, if we didn’t we got no soul.

  1. Saves the Day — Banned from the Back Porch
  2. Dead Kennedys — Holiday in Cambodia
  3. Adolescents — Amoeba
  4. Black Flag — Wound up
  5. Descendents — Doghouse
  6. NOFX — The Separation of Church and Skate
  7. Lagwagon — May 16
  8. The Vandals — Euro-Barge
  9. Misfits — American Psycho
  10. Unsane — Committed
  11. Alien Ant Farm — Wish
  12. Suicidal Tendencies — Cyco Vision
  13. SNFU — Costume Trunk
  14. Fugazi — Bed for the Scraping
  15. Rise Against — State of the Union
  16. Consumed — Heavy Metal Winner
  17. Assorted Jelly Beans — Rebel Yell
  18. The Clash — White Riot
  19. Bad Brains — Sailin’ On
  20. Minor Threat — Straight Edge
  21. Subhumans — Fuck You
  22. Fucked Up — Looking Back
  23. Dillinger Four — Mosh for Jesus
  24. Pennywise — Bro Hymn
  25. The Distillers — Sick of it All


The dark horse will one day come to free the light from all of us

To the head that wears the crown, and the hands that keep us down, this is war.

Some call it mathcore, metalcore, hardcore, screamo… labels are fucking stupid. This is just straight forward heavy, fast, and noisy music. Listen all the way through, getting the order/flow down with these songs was a pretty decent challenge. Enjoy. Go fucking break something.

  1. Narrows — Under The Guillotine
  2. Achilles — Over Our Heads
  3. Cave In — Cayman Tongue
  4. Spitfire — Comfort (The Iceman Cometh)
  5. Beecher — The Biting Cold
  6. Rise and Fall — Hidden Hands
  7. Cursed — The Void
  8. Ghostlimb — Southwest Passage
  9. Converge — Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
  10. The Dillinger Escape Plan — Acting As A Wave
  11. Envy — 見えない糸
  12. Loma Prieta — Reproductive
  13. Heaven In Her Arms — 交差配列
  14. Botch — Transitions from Persona To Object
  15. The Hope Conspiracy — Stolen Days



Keep it up kid… you’ll never decide what to say, where to turn, where to go

Every Time I Die — For The Record

Someday I’m bound to feel guilty but now’s not the time.
I’m sure I’ll get what I’m due.
Everything will be fine.
Hell bent on finding the next fix in the fog.
You’re in a cab on the way to your house. Change the locks.
I will cherish this love for the rest of the night.

Ed Gein - Bastard