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A little over a month for release. Hyped.


MCZ.Daigo Umehara vs. Infiltration from Mad Catz Unveiled last night.  Commentary by Mike Ross and Zhi.

A clinic on street fighter.

Documentary about the best video game of all time. “I Am Street Fighter”

MCZ|Daigo Umehara had a blowout victory against the EVO 2013 SSF4 champion, Xian, during Mad Catz Unveiled at PAX Prime 2013. He explained how he was able to accomplish this in an interview after the fact.

  • One of Daigo’s main goals was to have Xian spend his meter on FADC combos, to help avoid Super into Ultra setups, where Gen can net more than 600 damage.
  • Sometimes Daigo would purposefully run into Gen’s cr.MP canceled into Hands so that Xian would follow that up with an FADC combo, and spend his meter.
  • Daigo practiced against all of Gen’s ambiguous jump in setups relentlessly, by looking at footage and practicing in training mode. He noted that was why his blocks on Gen’s ambiguous jump ins were so effective.
  • Daigo had previously had trouble blocking Gen’s ambiguous jump ins during the Topanga League and the South East Asia Majors.
  • Once Gen loses his ambiguous setups, he’s mostly footsie-based and a super into ultra character, and Daigo had a strategy to nullify those things as well.
  • Umehara didn’t practice with Japanese Gen players to prepare for the match, because Xian’s Gen is so different, he felt looking at footage was a better idea.
  • Daigo was practicing all day for the match. When Zhi spotted him before the event went down, Daigo had sweat pouring out, and Zhi said it reminded him of a training scene from a Rocky movie.
  • Xian won only 2 out of 22 rounds total, and landed no ultras during the entire set.

Daigo is a goddamn scientist of fighting games.

Traveling the world, playing fighting games»

Ready to throw my life away for GTA V

"I actually heard Capcom is hiring new artists to help with the backgrounds and characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Must have at least 2 years experience pressing Ctrl C, and 4 years experience with Ctrl V"



Tom Clancy’s The Division.  

I just wanna play this until I die

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I have to admit something a little strange… Cute guys at the arcade who are good at fighting games turn me on. Especially when they have a cigarette hanging from their lips. All their concentration on the game, the way they sit, the way they move their hands, the way it looks like they went straight to the arcade after work or maybe don’t have a job at all and spend all their time and money on these games… What’s wrong with me. Girls are the last things on their mind, I’m just in the way of their focus on the game. But I could watch them play for hours.


Nemo confirmed for EVO, everyone is fucked

best injustice tutorial to date


the definition of godlike


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